Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to receive results via email?
  • No it is not possible at this time. 

  • Can I place bets on this website?
  • You cannot place bets on this website. However you can bet online with any bookmakers with this facility. We have links to our shareholder websites on the bet here page.

  • Is it possible to receive results via text?
  • No it is not possible at this time.

  • How are the numbers drawn for 49’s?
  • Every draw takes place live from the 49’s studio in Manchester. The numbers are drawn completely at random from the 49’s lottery machine. We use an independent adjudicator for every draw who weighs each ball before and after each draw to ensure they weigh within 0.5 grams of the manufacturers weight. If a balls does not fall within this tolerance then a whole new set must be used.

    The ball sets are stored in a safe at all times when not in use and are only handled with white cotton gloves.

    The adjudicator is responsible for witnessing every draw and confirming the balls drawn.

  • What are the colours of the 49’s balls?
  • There are 7 different colours, these are Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Purple and Blue. The colours are in that order and the pattern repeats itself, for example:

    Ball 1 – Green
    Ball 2 – Red
    Ball 3 – Orange
    Ball 4 – Yellow
    Ball 5 – Brown
    Ball 6 – Purple
    Ball 7 – Blue
    Ball 8 – Green – the pattern has started again here
    Ball 9 – Red
    Ball 10 – Orange

    And so on until ball 49 which is blue.

  • How does Virtual Horse and Greyhound Racing work?
  • The Virtual Racing products are computer generated races and the results are determined by something called a Random Number Generator (RNG). This means that the results are completely random and are not determined until the start of each race. The graphics are created in real time which means once the race has begun and the RNG has determined the order of finish for every horse/greyhound, the graphics will then work to create that result live as the race is happening. There are NO pre-recorded races and the real time graphics ensure that no one can ever possibly know the result of a race before the race starts.

  • What are the pay-outs for winners?
  • All 5 of the 49’s Ltd products are called fixed odds numbers bets which means that unlike the National Lottery and Euro Millions there is no shared prize pot. On our products the payout does not change regardless of how many people place a bet or the amount of winners there are and each winner will receive a payout based on the odds for the bet they placed.

  • Why does the time of the 49’s teatime draw keep changing?
  • The teatime draw switches from 4:49pm to 5:49pm from the 3rd Monday in February because UK afternoon racing increasingly finishes after 4:45pm from that week.

    In October the time reverts back to 4:49pm in line with UK winter racing times finishing earlier.

  • How do I set up a 49’s or Irish Lotto Bet syndicate?
  • Please visit our syndicate page.

  • Can I watch events live on my computer, phone or tablet?
  • Not at the present time.

  • I do not live in the UK so where can I place bets?
  • You need to check the legislation in the country you live in before placing bets online.

  • I am a bookmaker wanting shop point of sale, how do I get this?
  • Please call 01924 792 388 to order your FREE betting shop point of sale materials.

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