How to Play

Rapido is a fast action numbers draw that takes place most mornings. 20 numbers are drawn from 80 and you can choose to match up to 10 of these. You don’t have to match all of your selection to win – for example, choose 5 numbers, match only 3 and for your £1 play you still win £2.

Just choose your numbers and write them on a slip, choose the draw you wish to play on. If you choose 5 numbers from the 20 drawn, for a £1 stake:

Match 5 you win £540
Match 4 you win £20
Match 3 you win £2

You can increase your chances of winning with a 'Heads or Tails' bet by choosing whether you think:

More than 10 of the 20 drawn will be in numbers 1-40 (heads)
More than 10 of the 20 drawn will be in numbers 41-80 (tails)
Or that 10 will be drawn in numbers 1-40 and 10 in numbers 41-80 (level) 

Rapido Rules

The Rapido rules are just a guide, so you need to check the rules of the bookmaker that you place your bet with as they might be different. Read Rules

How to Fill in your Betting Slip